Every day is a new single release day!

Looking back, when I was in my twenties, it was impossible to even debut without going through a record company.

Now, more than 20 years have passed since then…
Now, on the contrary, I’m in an era where I can produce, record, release, and promote my own music all by myself at a low cost with just a few thousand yen per year for online and maintenance costs, so now that I know the know-how I’ve gained through repeated trial and error, I’m going to continue to do my own advance preparation and ingenuity.

It does not require a big burden or a big maintenance cost.
That’s because it can be done privately, in other words, there is no excuse not to do it, and in this online-oriented era…
If I don’t continue to release music on a regular basis, at the same time every day, no matter what kind of work I’m doing, it’s as if I’ve reset everything I’ve built up to zero again, isn’t it? So, I’ve made it my goal to continue publishing each of my contents every day as part of my life.

I think it is thanks to all of you who have understood my intentions that I am motivated to continue publishing each content every day.
Thank you very much.

I look forward to your continued support.

[1] Music distribution
1) Spotify (New single release at midnight everyday)

2) NOBURI (releases a single song once a week)
This service mainly distributes classical music.

3) Apple Music

[2] YouTube (released at 12am, 12pm and 6pm everyday)

[3] TikTok (As a rule, posts are made every morning at 7:00 a.m. *TikTok does not have a pre-order function, so the posting time may vary. I will be posting at a pace of one per day)

※ I will not be updating my TikTok after today, March 1, 2022, as it seems that due to specifications and terms and conditions, the audio on TikTok will be muted when the artists themselves use their own music. I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. I will not be updating my TikTok after March 1, 2022, as it seems that the audio is now muted. The videos I have been posting on Tik Tok are the same as those on YouTube, so please visit YouTube and other sites in the future.

[4] Blog updated at 10:00 every morning
1)Medium(English) * Information on the new single in English.
2)SeeSaa Blog (Japanese) * This is the Japanese version of the new single information.
3)Ameblo(Japanese) * In this blog, I introduce other artists’ songs from the past and present.

[5] From October 1, 2021 onwards, I will release the audio of the readings as music in the genre of “Spoken Word, Reading” on “every Friday”

(I was originally planning to distribute the music on radio, but I changed my plans and will release the same audio as music in the genre of reading. The piano background music used in the readings is my original music, so the readings will be released as music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

(The soundtrack for the readings will be released as music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

(Sound files for the readings will be released every Friday after October 1)

1) Official releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, etc.
It will be treated as a regular release, so it will be released at 12am.
2) YouTube 6pm release

Thank you for your continued support.

(Distribution Label List)

When I release my music to official music distribution stores, I do so through an intermediary, a music label.

Usually artists are limited to one company, but in my case, I outsource to several music labels.

The following is a list of music distribution labels that I personally choose to distribute my music albums to.

Basically, I mainly use Distrokid to distribute my music albums and singles. We are planning to increase the number of music distribution labels we outsource to in the future.
If you are interested in music distribution, please refer to the following links.

Nowadays, it is possible for anyone to distribute music that they have created.

The more artists we have, the happier the staff of each label will be. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

BIG UP! https://big-up.style/
TuneCore Japan https://www.tunecore.co.jp/
narasu https://narasu.jp/
Frekul https://frekul.com/

[Overseas] * Customer services are in English.
Distrokid (US) https://distrokid.com/

(Over 90% of my releasing music is distributed to Spotify and other music distribution labels through Distrokid.)

Songtradr(US) https://www.songtradr.com/
Songcast(US) https://www.songcastmusic.com/
Soundrop(Norway) https://soundrop.com/
UnitedMasters(US) https://unitedmasters.com/
Amuse(Sweden) https://www.amuse.io/
LANDR(Canada) https://www.landr.com/
Horus Music(UK,India) https://www.horusmusic.global/
Octiive(US) https://www.octiive.com/
ONERpm(US) https://onerpm.com/
Feiyr(Germany) https://www.feiyr.com/
Repost(US) https://www.repostnetwork.com/
SonoSuite(France) https://sonosuite.com/
CD Baby(US) https://cdbaby.com/
LEVEL MUSIC(US) https://levelmusic.com/
Indiefy(Mexico) https://indiefy.net/
RouteNote(UK) https://www.routenote.com/
OnChain Music(US) https://www.onchainmusic.com/
PlayTreks (Belgium) https://playtreks.com/
Soundblock(US) https://soundblock.arena.com/
Kami Records (US) https://next.kamirecords.co/
Star Music (Cambodia) https://thestarmusic.com/
eMusic(US) https://www.emusic.com/



Everyday is A New Release Day.







[1] 音楽配信
1) Spotify (毎日0時、ニューシングルリリース)

2) NOBURI(毎週1回、シングル曲をリリース)
※ こちらはクラシック音楽の配信がメインとなっております。

3) Apple Music
(※ Spotify以外の音楽配信ストアではごく稀にニューシングルが不可になる場合がございます。またリスナー様の国籍やお使いになっているストアによって対応していない曲もございます。

[2] YouTube (原則毎日正午公開、時々0時、18時にも公開)

[3] TikTok (原則として毎朝7時投稿 ※TikTokに関しては予約投稿機能がついていないので、投稿の時間が前後することもございます。一日一本のペースで投稿していきます。)
※  仕様と規約により、TikTokの音源はアーティスト本人が自分の音楽を使うと音声がミュートされるようになったようなので、2022年3月1日以降、私のTikTokの更新はしないでおこうと思います。恐縮ですがよろしくお願い申し上げます。これまでTik Tokに投稿していた動画はYouTubeと同じ動画ですので、今後はYouTube等をご訪問くださいますよう、お願い申し上げます。

[4] ブログ 毎朝10時更新
1)Medium(English) ※英語版のニューシングルの情報です。
2)SeeSaaブログ(日本語) ※ こちらは日本語版のニューシングルの情報です。
3)Ameblo(日本語) ※ このブログでは、古今東西の他のアーティストさんの楽曲のご紹介をしています。

[5] 2021年10月1日以降、「毎週金曜日」に読み聞かせの音声を「スポークンワード、朗読」というジャンルで楽曲としてリリースしていきます(当初はラジオ配信の予定でしたが予定を変更し、同じ音源を朗読というジャンルで楽曲としてリリースしていきます。朗読に使っているBGMのピアノは私のオリジナル楽曲を使用していますので、朗読が楽曲としてSpotifyやApple Musicなどにリリースされていきます。)。
1) Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Musicなど公式リリース
2) YouTube 18時公開









BIG UP!https://big-up.style/
TuneCore Japan https://www.tunecore.co.jp/
narasu https://narasu.jp/
Frekul https://frekul.com/

【海外】※ カスタマーサービスの対応は英語です。
Distrokid(US)https://distrokid.com/ (私の楽曲の9割以上が、このDistrokidさんという音楽配信レーベルさんを介してSpotifyなどに配信しています。)

Songtradr(US) https://www.songtradr.com/
Songcast(US) https://www.songcastmusic.com/
Soundrop(ノルウェー) https://soundrop.com/
Amuse(スウェーデン) https://www.amuse.io/
Horus Music(UK,インド) https://www.horusmusic.global/
Octiive(US) https://www.octiive.com/
Feiyr(ドイツ) https://www.feiyr.com/
Repost(USA) https://www.repostnetwork.com/
SonoSuite(フランス) https://sonosuite.com/
CD Baby(US) https://cdbaby.com/
LEVEL MUSIC(US) https://levelmusic.com/
Indiefy(メキシコ) https://indiefy.net/
RouteNote(UK) https://www.routenote.com/
OnChain Music(US) https://www.onchainmusic.com/
PlayTreks (ベルギー) https://playtreks.com/
Soundblock(US) https://soundblock.arena.com/
Kami Records (US) https://next.kamirecords.co/
Star Music (カンボジア) https://thestarmusic.com/
eMusic(US) https://www.emusic.com/



More than 10000 releases as the only one Musician

Nobuya Kobori continue to release officially music on everyday, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Then he released more than 10000 songs as he produced all(at 2nd Feb 2021).

This playlist’s the songs number increase on day by day.
Part.2(10001-20000 Songs Spotify Playlist)

Part.1(1-10000 songs Spotify Playlist)